JDS has been involved on thousands of engineering projects in NC and beyond. Please take a look below at some of our work in the fields of retaining wall design, forensic studies, material testing, and structural engineering.

Apartment Complex Project
We performed this structural inspection in collaboration with RB Engineering in Cary, NC. We were asked to address concrete cracking in the suspended slab corridors between units as well as the cantilever bays and foundation cracking and settlement. After a thorough inspection of each unit, the framing, and foundation system we were able to issue a repair plan that saved the client over 150k in repair costs. Our plan included installing new pier lines to re-level the floor framing as well as adding helical piers to the perimeter foundation and bay support areas. Drainage improvement was also required along with replacing some of the structural support beneath the suspended slab corridors which ruptured due to high moisture and overloading.

Audubon Retaining Wall Design & Testing
We were hired to design, test and certify the Audubon Apartments retaining wall in Cary, NC. Our engineering team worked with the supplier and contractor to provide a cost effective and eye-pleasing design. Once construction commenced our field team performed routine inspections to monitor the installation so that we could provide the final certification report for the wall.

Paradise Cove Amenities Center
This is one of our many above grade pre-cast concrete designs the we were contracted to do through Superior Walls of NC. We were provided the architectural plans and the pre-engineered truss plans. It was our task to design the foundation system including the perimeter walls and concrete lintels as well as the slab foundation and interior footing support. The pictures above show the finished amenities center as well as some parts of the installation process. We currently work for Superior Walls of NC for projects all over the region.

Kolarov Project
This is one of our control-fill projects that was performed over a period of about 3 months. The client had a significant amount of fill for the project. We performed proctor testing and soil classification on the fill material to be used on site. The project took a very long time due to the fill material failing spec on almost every field test during the first 2 months of the job. With guidance from our engineers and techs on site the contractor was finally able to get the material installed within specifications.

Whitehead Project
Our clients 2SL Design Build, Inc always provide interesting designs for us to engineer. The Whitehead project was no exception. Due to the dramatic slope on the lot it became clear that in this case it would be more economical to build a steel frame support system with lug footings rather that the traditional masonry or concrete foundation systems used in the area. We are always up for a new challenge and the Whitehead project has turned out beautifully.

Trotter Forensic Investigation
In spring of 2009 the Trotter residence was struck by a large tree that fell during one of our many thunderstorms we get here in Raleigh/Cary. The tree tore through the roof and attic floor framing which was sealed in promptly by a local disaster response crew. Prior to the tree damage there were no issues with excess water penetration in the basement area and upon our initial inspection of the basement no severe cracking could been seen. However, after the tree hit the water kept flowing in regardless of the existing pump system that had been installed years earlier. Our task was to develop and prove a theoretical scenario in which the impact force of a tree could cause a rupture in the existing un-reinforced masonry wall. The main purpose of our analysis was to show the insurance company that this could happen and that the homeowner should not be responsible for the water damage caused after the tree impact.

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